High ping mystery

  • For a while now I have had 24-40 ping on a particular server, but recently it has shot up to 120-170ish. I still have low ping on other servers located near this one (they are located in the netherlands and me in UK). I can’t figure out why one server would give me such high ping and the other so low.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    EDIT: The server in particular is the VK duel server, and yet the VK TO server which has the same IP address gives me 30 ping.
    I also get very good DL and UL speeds on speedtests and I have 0% packet loss on all online tests.

  • I noticed earlier that my ping on the VK duel server was 100, it’s normally 30-40. I’ve also been getting 160-190 ping on Ky’s servers. I believe Ky’s are located in the Netherlands as well. And just like you, my ping is fine in most other servers.

  • I spoke to the Simrai guy and he said he would do something with the server once he saw that it was empty, so it might be fixed soon

  • I’m now getting 140-150 ping on the RK server. Earlier on I was getting my usual low ping. Really quite annoying but I’m assuming it’s down to the thousands of new people on the game.

  • Sounds all server specific. If a server gets overloaded, has some process messing with it, sure it will get messed up.

  • Well my ping returned to normal after about 20 minutes so I didn’t have to play in high ping for too long :P The most annoying thing is that I get a lower ping on most US servers than I do when my ping randomly spikes on these EU ones.

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