I've done everything. no launch!!!

  • I have stalked this forum for 2 days now and have tried pretty much every solution you guys have submitted. I have even deleted all of Chiv off my computer and reinstalled to no avail.

    What happens is when I launch the game it loads, my steam name registers as playing Chiv then 4 seconds later it stops.

    I have tried: turning off virus scanners and firewalls, verify game cache’s, opting the game into beta, changing udk.exe compatibility, correcting resolution/ full screen in UDKsystems.ini and alot more other useless attempts.

    This is weird, its the only game this happens to, please help :(

  • Hm, not too sure I could of much help, but what I do notice is that your GPU drivers are a bit outdated. Here are the latest. Not sure if it’d fix, but it can’t hurt to try.

  • Thanks, but that didn’t help either.

  • I have discovered that the problem is “error code 54”

    what is that help please D:

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