[Bug] Keybindings / Menus Etc

  • It would appear not many people notice the problems with this since most people play with default keys, but I do not. That said, I’m not sure anyone has accurately reported all the problems with the menus/setup etc. Keybindings are in ROUGH shape. You’ve said your working on it, one dev even said to check it again after beta patch 1, because “he changed some things” and might have fixed it, but it’s no where near fixed at all, which leads me to believe you don’t have a grasp on all the bugs and issues.

    • Sometimes you can’t rebind a key, even though you change it, it doesn’t update on the menu
    • Some keys are unbind-able or just never work or show up in the list
    • Sometimes when you rebind a key, it assigns two keys in a row … for instance, you click on Jump, it asks for a key, you press the key you want, the “switch X key to Y etc” confirmation dialog appears, you click yes, and then another copy of the same dialog pops up asking to confirm the switch to the left mouse button.
    • Changing a bind for one thing actually changes another. Seems like the menu order or indexing gets messed up and you can really start to screw things up when this happens.
    • Total breakdown/reset of binds. It gets more and more confused, last night when I was trying to set some binds, it set the first 6 or 7 items on the list all to the same key at one point. Actually had to exit the game and restart before I could do anything
    • Sometimes when Saving after changing some keys a weird extra confirmation pops up complaining about some key not being bound to anything
    • Random binds don’t save session to session properly because I’ve had to fiddle with binds many times

    If you guys need me to get more specific/indepth information about this issues please let me know; Otherwise I’ve been avoiding keybinding alltogether, and use Autohotkey to redirect inputs that I can’t change otherwise.

    General Keybinding UI Comments:

    The Save button is in a very unintuitive spot and promotes forgetting to save changed binds; it should be in the middle, and flash or change color after the first change is made.

    The confirmation dialog for keybind changes is overkill, since you have to then Save when your done changing binds. Either save instantly after the confirmation, or remove the confirmation all together – it’s buggy anyway.

  • The keybindings is messed up. Trying to rebind Space seemed to throw up the most problems.

    For those of you, like me, who are having some or all of the problems above you can manually set the keys by opening UDKGame.ini which can be found (on my 64bit Win7 install at any rate) at:
    C:Users>[Yourlogin]>My Documents>My Games>Chivalry Medieval Warfare>UDKGame>Config

    Scroll to the bottom and you will find a series of lines like:


    Name is the key to bind (in this case the Space bar)
    Command is the internal game command - for clarity look at FriendlyName at the end to see the action (in this case Shove)
    Ignore everything else.

    Adjust as needed save and close. Fire up the game.
    Your mileage may vary. Back up the file before you change anything if you think you have a low IQ.
    It’s not a perfect solution but it should help until a fix.

    EDIT: Space is still a bit iffy. Despite binding it like this and it saying it is bound correctly in game it still fails to work.

  • UDKGame.Ini is for people who have modified keybinds (and hit save) in the keydinds menu.
    For other people you can modify it in UDKInput.ini

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