Fists broken after the "patch"

  • When the fists were nerfed so that you need the same precision for them as other weapons other things also changed. Two other bugs were introduced at the same time, which makes it a triple-nerf to uselessness.

    Range bug: Sometimes (5% maybe?) an upscroll doesn’t hit my enemy even though I’m aiming right at him and he is within range. Think it affects other attack types also but I basically stopped playing when fists were destroyed since it was my favorite weapon :/

    Blocking fists: Before fists were a lot harder to block than they are now. Not it’s as easy to block as any other weapon. This was not in the patch notes and seems unreasonable.

    The fists worked great before the patch and they were balanced (read: reasonably underpowered) so I would say that you should revert the fist patch altogether but just fixing these bugs goes a long way.

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