Joining Friends and the Serversearch

  • When I started playing I could just select a friend and join his game as I tend to do with steamgames. No for a while it always states something like ‘playerstatus unknown’ and opening the game without joining a server.

    Thought that was just a temporairy problem but it seems its not. With the buggy server browser it would be really nice to get this to work again…

  • At least now you can see the name of the server when you push tab. I do it that way.

  • There is a Friends tab in the server browser, try using that. :)

  • Lol, very useful if you have to restart your game 4 times to even get a serverlist. Then you have to be lucky that it still works after you press the friends tab. I have 1 friend who owns chivalry in steam, but yesterday I got 3 servers in the friend tab…

    If the browser wasnt broken all would be fine, as it is now it would greatly help to have the steam-join-option working…

    And yes lemoneater we do it that way too, sadly we couldnt find the servername in the duel-tab yesterday.

  • Yeah it doesn’t show up in duel mode.
    You can also see it in your Steam server browser (friends tab). Just alt-tab out and check that. Mine always works, in any case… and when I select join it actually works, unlike the friends list thing.

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