How to rate players in TDM

  • Is the TDM scoreboard working as intended? I mean often it rates people higher who have less kills and more deaths. Could be assist but it just doesnt seem like it to me…

    Anyway, so here is how the scoreboard should rank you in a TDM imo:
    Basicly I think that you should get points for the DIFFERENCE between kills and deaths, cause thats what you gained for the team. Something like POINTS=(KILLS-DEATHS)30+ASSISTS10.

    The idea came from noticing that it seems kills are most valuable for the scoreboard atm, which isnt properly rating player behaviour in a mode where the team ‘pays’ for each spawn.

    While im on it, I think deaths should also be considered in DUEL mode. Doesnt make sense that fast duellers win because they reach 10 first. Maybe 2 points for 2-0 win, 1 point for 2-1, -1 for 1-2 and -2 for 0-2. Because winning 2 2-0 and loosing 1 0-2 should be the same as winning 2 2-1.

    LTS - give points for kills and assists only.
    FFA - To make this a slaughterfest only count kills. (As it is?)

    Of course in addition to that injuring your teammates should be added too. I would do a negative assist for each hit on a teammate and count killing teammates as deaths (also for the deaths column, so people might be a little bit more careful) in addition to a negative score.

  • Generally, the fast people who reach 10 first in a duel map don’t die as much. That’s why they get there quicker.

  • In TDM points are deducted if you kill a team mate.

    So if Awesomesauce player 1 Kills 10 people and dies 1 time, yet AverageJoeMan kills 8 people, dies 3 times and is scored higher then Awesomesauce it is because Awesomesauce is a shit player that keeps killing his own team mates to get the kill.

  • @dudeface:

    Generally, the fast people who reach 10 first in a duel map don’t die as much. That’s why they get there quicker.

    Sure because theres no such thing as offensive and defensive playstyles. And if you red my post the way I would count score is very rewarding for people who dont die much.

    As for TDM and teamkilling, Im not sure how excactly it is calculated, but from my experience deaths dont matter much wich is not making sense in a mode where spawns cost tickets.

  • No, you dieing doesn’t take away points, only you killing a team mate does.

    I’m all for deaths taking away from score, I keep a high KDR so that only helps me :D

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