Camera Sensitivity Varies Vertically and Horizontally

  • Something that I notice and that is really annoying is how there is a speed cap on how fast you can look up and down, but no such mechanic exists when turning horizontally. I know why you cap the camera speed during swing animations - to stop the 180 swing dancing that happened in AoC, but why have you capped vertical look speed all the time?

    Please give us 1 to 1 mouse input please and thanks this game is a lot of fun except for this one minor gripe.

  • Maybe has something to do with AoC players bobbing their head up and down constantly? It’s a good tactic, I was getting into it. Til my ram died and would get stuck looking up or at the ground… lol. And then my graphics card died making this strategy impossible :/

    It’s scary as HeII watching a hk speed, jump, and bob…

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