Great game but…

  • My suggestions would be as follows.

    1. Replay of when your killed sometimes or perhaps a shot of who killed you, something along those lines.
    2. Would be great to have some customization with armour and weaponry, things like eye patches etc… just to make people look a little different.
    3. Better info on key bindings, took me ages to realise that you had to double-click to add one. Made me feel like an idiot when I realised.
    4. Maybe some options to choose what you want to do like duel etc… (This may be possible already, like I said I just started but if there is I have not found out how just yet.)

    Anyway, I’ve only played a few hours so far but great game.

    1. Yeah a replay function would be neat.
    2. Customization is on its way but I don’t think eyepatches will be in. Would love to see people run around with 2 eyepatches though. :D
    3. Well self-awareness is the first step to improvement. :P Also it’s quite common to double click in order to change the bindings.
    4. Tried out the server filters yet? ;) A bit buggy, still, but they’re functional and should serve you the way you intended. Bottom left corner in the server browser. :)

  • Cheers, I will take a look at that.

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