More Descriptive Map Names than those in AoC

  • Games with descriptive map names, such as M&B’s “Field by the River” make it easier to remember what’s what when creating map change polls. Nothing much, just a little something that’d make voting easier.

  • yah, would be nice, even though pretty much only M&B uses “descriptive” map names

    cuz having some map named uber sauce awesomeness, then only being lik a hut would be dumb lol

  • Developer

    Chv_themapwiththattreeandtheriverandthewindmill is in progress right now.

    Nah I get what you mean though, classic maps will keep their names of course but for the new ones we’ll try to keep it a bit more obvious what environments they represent.

  • i want a snowy mountain :(…oh wait, i has sieg

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