New Mods or Game

  • Hi, I’d like to thank you for your beautiful game!

    There is not lot medieval games sandbox like Mount and Blade and I see nothing more. I think it would be a good idea for the future, as a new game, a sort of mix between a Dayz, Mount and Blade and Chivalry. It would be the first of its kind, one life, an open world, a perfect fight mechanics and the limits will be the imagination of players.

    Please, think about it. Or allow us to create mods or add new maps for the game

    I just have one last question, we have the opportunity to play on community maps like Age of Chivalry ?

    Sorry for my english, I’m French.

  • The devs have confirmed they are working on bringing Mod tools/SDK for Chivalry. ;)

  • Ok thank you ;)

  • to have a big open world you will need a stronger servers than what there are now… also in that mod you will need a health mechanic stored inside the game… i think that this is work for a whole game not 1 mod… maybe someone will take your idea and use it in the modtools

    loved the idea…

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