Make idle players auto spectate, other vote kick ideas

  • Player idle for 2 minutes=auto kicked to spectate. That way they can simply rejoin the game when they come back.

    (low priority, not a concrete suggestion) And maybe to reduce network stress idle spectators are auto kicked after 20 minutes?

    Player that has at any point 40% team damage after the first 5 minutes in the game are auto kicked or given a 1 minute respawn penalty sending them to spectate for 1 minute, with a message telling them why in any instance.

    Or you could give a 1 minute respawn penalty for the first offense, then after the penalty is over tk damage is reset, then kicked on second offense.

    Player with 400+ ping for over 1 minute of play in a ten minute period will be auto kicked. (or some variation of this, I know they have some kind of ping cap atm)

    Ideally also improve the auto kick system would also have a improved votekick system. If they wont do both just do the auto kick. If the auto kick is to hard at least improve the current vote kick system

    Only players with the below offenses can be vote kicked.

    Players with current 30% team damage can be voted to be kicked after 3 minutes of play.

    Players currently idle for 1+ minute can be vote kicked.

    Players with 350+ ping for more then 1 minute in the last ten minute of play can be vote kicked. 500+ ping for 1 minute in the last 5 minutes.

    (low priority) Vote kick reason(s) are highlighted in red when vote kick ballot appears.

    Player on the scoreboard eligible for votekicks names are highlighted in some other color? Red for tk. Grey for idle, red for 5+ minute idle. Grey for 350+ ping, red for 500+ ping.

    There are a variety of reasons of why to highlight these players on the scoreboard, ever spawn and wonder who tked me in the back? Only to have it break out in all out tk war. Secondly sometimes when I am losing I look around for idle players at spawn, this would help heaps.

    (low priority, not a concrete suggestion) Add a exception if 80% of the players try to votekick someone, it will bypass the above rules and votekick will will appear. Why? For the occasional mega hacker or incredibly vulgar individual.

    The reason my improved votekick system has lower numbers then the auto kick system is because it is harder to get a vote kick going. I know there are a lot of other things that the game needs right now but the more polish the better, its the series of little things that makes you want to keep playing a game.

  • We should remove vote-kick, I’ve never cheated on this game and I get kicked very frequently for being a “hacker”.

    Replacing vote kick system with an auto-kicker for hackers and auto-spectate idlers is a good idea.

  • Okay, I am with you on the autokick idles idea. To be honest, 20 minutes is too long - move them to spectate after 2 minutes, kick them after 5.

    About only allowing certain players to be kicked, I don’t agree with that - people do get kicked for being general arseholes, racists etc and that is the way it should be. I could be topping the scoreboard with zero idle time and zero team damage and be safe from kicks even though I’m constantly making fun of your dead mother etc etc.

  • Idle people should be kicked. Reason being they are taking up a player slot.

    Putting them in spectator mode still means they are taking up a player slot.

    nd why make an autokick for ping and high team damage when normal kick does a good job of it anyway.

    And what about actual hackers? Yes they do exist. 80% is far too high.

    Votekick abuse is very rare. Why have this many counter measures against it? Where I play votekick abuse is non-existant and the abuser usually ends up getting kicked instead.

  • They patched spectators to no longer take up a player spot, I read it like a month ago in patch notes. Maybe its just the team spot it no longer takes up.

    Yes 2minutes= spectate. I was just saying spectators should be auto kicked after 20 minutes if they are idle. And of course if I am wrong about spectators taking up a slot, nvm just kick them.

    Votekick abuse is not rampant, but it does exist. thats one reason why I mentioned that I know this is not a high priority. But it will improve the game.

    80% is for people flying around turning into the king(i know been patched) throwing 100 arrows a second hackers and extremely vulgar players(I know we can mute), its a debatable idea, i really just want them to focus on the system I brought up that is not (low priority) and leave (low priority) ideas up for discussion.

    The reason you put team damage and high ping on auto kick is because it improves the game. How? way more offenders will be kicked and will be kicked ASAP. And for tk, instead of people gettting attacked in the back and then turning around attacking the potential tker, resulting in them accidentally attacking someone else, they will know the tk player will be auto kicked and be far less likely to start a tk war drawing in more and more players. Then there are those sneaky tk archers who stand by other archers then shoot team mates in the back on purpose.

    Some people purposely spike their ping when they are in danger to lag their way out with 3rd party software, that is another reason aside from your usual laggers to implement auto vote kick for high ping.

    One very valid argument is that extreme obvious hackers are rare. So you do not need manual boot for any players because it outweighs the abuse of the vote system. Sometimes a group of friends will join a game and boot anyone better then them. This is far more common then a extreme obvious hacker. Then there is the vote kick spamming…. Lastly vulgar people can be muted. So as a middle ground I suggested the 80% special vote kick rule, for those rare extreme obvious hackers and extremely vulgar people who youd like to kick, not just mute.

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