Player count bug has returned

  • I’m not sure why but I’m getting the player count bug again.

    I thought this was fixed?

    anybody else getting this bug again?

  • Yep, it has returned. I wonder if it is just Torn Banner doing it on purpose to give the illusion that more people are playing than truly are….

  • I don’t think it is returned per se. I think people are hanging around in their favorite servers for over 3 hours, switching to spectator mode, because with the increase in population they were harder to get on.

  • Server browser is still buggy, I know at least if you click ‘View Info’ for a server, see 15 people, then click Connect, it will actually connect you to the server under the connect button rather than the one you are currently viewing information for. This server could either contain more people, less people, or be completely empty. The only surefire way to connect to a server you are viewing is to double click on the server itself and come out of the ‘View Info’ menu.

  • Actually I change my observation, it does seem worse than normal. The alternate server browser will give you better counts.

  • Yeah in the last few days or so, a lot of servers are reporting as full when they aren’t.

  • We’re looking into it.

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