Weapon talk : Crossbows

  • Crossbows is a accurate and deadly ranged weapon for the Archer, though despite its advantages; it has a very slow firerate, mobility and Reload speed.

    All crossbows has a 1.75 Headshot modifier.

    All movement and free look is restricted during Reload.

    Crossbows has two optional tertiary equipments:
    Pavise Shield (deployable/on back)
    Extra ammunition.


    ! Crossbow
    ! Base damage, Type, Ads, Reload, A+R, Projectile speed and Gravity
    ! Attack1 : 113 Pierce = 0.5/3 = 3.5 = 8500-9000 G: 0.3
    ! Ammunition : 15 (25)
    ! Fact : Bodyshots Archers, One-shots Man-at arms and Vanguards in the head.

    Light Crossbow

    ! Light Crossbow
    ! Base damage, Type, Ads, Reload, A+R, Projectile speed and Gravity
    ! Attack1 : 98 Pierce = 0.4/2 = 2.4 = 8000-8500 G: 0.35
    ! Ammunition : 20 (30)
    ! Fact : One-shots Archers, Man-at arms and Vanguards in the head.

    Heavy Crossbow

    ! Heavy Crossbow
    ! Base damage, Type, Ads, Reload, A+R, Projectile speed and Gravity
    ! Attack1 : 120 Pierce = 0.6/4 = 4.6 = 9500-10000 G: 0.25
    ! Ammunition : 12 (22)
    ! Fact : Bodyshots Archers and Man-at arms, One-shots every class.

    Balance discussion.
    For the time being, I think that Crossbows are in a good balance, no further changes are required to them in my opinion, Crossbows are excellent to take out melee units the only thing it proves to have a difficult killing would be other ranged weapons such as the bow for example.

    I’ve heard a couple of rumours towards to Light Crossbow being a under used weapon that requires a buff, though I think that the Light Crossbow is great. It may not be too powerful versus other Archers, but you do have the one-hit ability if you perform a headshot, also I’d like to state that the Light Crossbow servers as a outmost perfect Anti-Vanguard weapon since it can One-Two hit a Vanguard faster than the other Crossbows. Light Crossbow only require two shots towards to the

    body to kill a Vanguard, 2,9 for one shot, and to shot twice it would be 5,8 seconds in total. Comparing to Crossbow it would be 8,2 for two body shots.
    Comparing to Heavy Crossbow it would be 10,2 for two body shots.

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  • How do you feel about crossbows doing a % less damage through shields?

  • @BB:

    How do you feel about crossbows doing a % less damage through shields?


  • And why not? Since shield is such an easy counter (and is bugged to work more than it ought to) against bolts, I don’t see any reason a shield should stop either bolts or javelins. Light Xbow should not penetrate, but everything else I’d say so.

  • Hahaha it would only be like 20% or so. Other nerfs might be necesary to balance it, but I think it’s a good start to make them different from bows besides being super long to re-load.

  • @Tankcommander:

    And why not? Since shield is such an easy counter (and is bugged to work more than it ought to) against bolts, I don’t see any reason a shield should stop either bolts or javelins. Light Xbow should not penetrate, but everything else I’d say so.

    It’s easy enough to get around a shield by being good at aiming. You shouldn’t get rewarded for messing up your shot and hitting the shield.

  • Make it so bolts do extra stamina damage when hitting shields/stagger the shield user.

  • Shields are suppose to block projectiles, so that wouldn’t be too good to be honest.

  • The damage would be negated, but maybe they could take a little stamina and knock the shield user back a tad. It wouldn’t have to be a full kick daze or anything.

  • Just shoot them in the legs. :?

  • I think they’re all pretty powerful but the regular crossbow is probably my favourite, it’s fast to reload and deals a lot of damage. Not only that but unlike a bow the aim is more precise, you don’t have to aim as high above as you do with a bow, you don’t really have to anticipate the opponents running path that extra time as well as the bolts travels faster than the arrows.

    I do believe that all crossbows are quite balanced actually.
    The heavy crossbow’s slow to reload but deals a heapload of damage and can pretty much 1hit kill every class without any problems, it’s also quite fast and accurate.
    The light crossbow reloads quite fast and can 1 hit three classes to the head, it’s good for anti melee as you easily can land 1 hit on an opponent rushing towards you maybe even 2. I’m not sure about this but it feels like you reload it about as fast as you draw a warbow.
    The regular Crossbow’s awesome, 1hits Archers and can 1hit kill vanguards, MAAs and knights if you manage to hit their head. It also reloads pretty fast.

    Crossbowmen are usually despicable though, atleast in my opinion and when it comes to TO. most of them just hide somewhere and doesn’t play the objective at all, it’s annoying to see 5 of them covering behind the same obstacle far away from the action when they could’ve been doing something closer. Now there are exceptions obviously but most of them are cowards and I hate them.

    Other than that I believe that the regular crossbow should be able to 1hk MAAs to the torso, but that would render the heavy crossbow useless which could be taken care of by letting them 1hk vanguards to the torso. I don’t really know if I like this idea though but it’d “balance” crossbows and bows a bit more. Other than that I dislike that the heavy crossbow can have 2 more bolts than the warbow can have arrows, this allows for more camping. I’d rather let them have throwing knives which might sound ridicolous but I think it could be quite effective for close quarters.

  • The real issue here is the Pavise being absolutely useless when deployed. Very easy to jump on. Firepots and even smoke pots destroy it on contact.

  • Fire- and smokepods shouldnt do much against it, and projektiles in general should do little dmg on them. BUT they shouldnt be viable to block melees. Thats why I say a kick (even the quick one) should destroy them. Just consider them knocked down.
    No fun when people in pubs use it to block doors and such.

  • Deployed Pavise Shields should just have less health (around 100, I believe they currently have 300 or something thereabouts), but take no damage from Archer’s projectiles. They were only ever designed to provide mobile cover, never to block entrances or create a viable walling tactic.

  • As a light weapon user even 100 sounds too much to me.

    The tactic to deploy it to hinder melee attacking you should not be viable imo, thats why Im for the possibility to knock it down with a kick. Imunity to projektiles sounds good.

  • I just got a crazy idea which might sound quite silly or maybe not who knows.
    How about adding a second shot for the light crossbow, it takes the reload time before you can shoot again, but you don’t have to reload, meaning you won’t leave yourself open to attacks and you probably can get that second shot off a bit faster. With a timedelay I don’t think this would be to OP and crossbows might be used more in competetive play or close quarters on pubs.

  • The Pavise Shield should be insta-destroyed by kicks, take no damage from projectiles, never randomly explode when placed regardless of where it is being placed and be acquirable from ammo boxes.

  • Crossbows definitely fill a niche and two of them can even compete with the mighty Warbow. There advantages are a short aiming time as well as their massive range and damage. Thanks to the additional headshot damage they can oneshot every single class in aimed properly making them the “sniper rifles” of the game. The Heavy Crossbow trades some fire rate (and thus DPS) for being able to oneshot a Man at Arms or deal just a little bit more damage. I regard it a slightly more niche choice but many people like it more.

    Then we got the Light Crossbow. It reloads fast, almost reaching the fire rate of the Warbow but deals less damage. To the amount that it is the only crossbow unable to oneshot a Knight. Its place is somewhere between the Warbow (a DPS tool) and the standard Crossbow (a precision tool). Probably more underrated than underpowered if you can make the right use of it advantages. A damage buff by 2 (!) would make it very powerful.

    What really frustratates me is the Pavise. It apparently got magic properties. Sometimes Pavises just blow up randomly. Especially if you want to block some pathways. As if the game would say to you: No tactical use allowed! And they are somehow linked to the life force of their master getting destroyed instantly if he dies just like they were summoned. Use it as cover for teammates? Nope! You shall not use the Pavise as tactical advantage!

    Probably a gameplay decision just like the uniform damage hitbox but in my opinion just as bad for the game especially tactical and atmospheric (3rd person is a big offender here too- but thats not the subject).

  • Are there plans to get rid of reload sprint, lookup reload, reload crouch and such?

  • Get rid of sprint reload, sure.
    Get rid of lookup and lookdown reload, why ? One is good to see if an enemy is coming (also possible with 3rd view so we might get rid of it too ?) but this is dangerous cause of archers. The other only reduce your hitbox against archers.

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