• How much is the beta indicative of the overall performance of the release? I know there are some optimizations you guys aren’t running in the builds, but I struggle on my pc to hold 30 fps with everything off at 800x600.

    The machine I’m using is not that old (i7 920 @ 2.67ghz, 6gb ram, ati HD4890 ) so I would think that if I had most everything off on the settings I could hold 40+ .

    I think it seems to struggle the most when there are a lot of players around, and any kind of ‘long view’ maps. If you get in a house or corridor where it cuts down on things it needs to draw, the FPS get back up to 62 and stay there.

  • What is an HD9850?

  • Edit sorry too many cards over the years, here’s the link to the card from the order (got it in 2009, where do the years go).


    I guess ye olde computer is aging away.

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