Please Let us not Display Duel Ratios

  • Simple idea, and should be simple to implement:

    Give us the option to hide our duel ratio in duel mode.

    Not everybody goes onto duel mode to win; in fact, I’d wager few people actually do. Most play it to get better.

    But worse, I play it often just to try out new weapons or to practice ducking/dodging/whatever - this involves a LOT of silly deaths, and it would be nice if these deaths weren’t on permanent record for someone to see and childishly use to insult me.

    So, I feel we need this option. I don’t want to be judged just because I chose to lose 50 duels messing around with the fork.

  • So go on a FFA duel server. Not sure if you mean hide duel ratios or have an option to go on and not have them count.

    Personally I don’t worry about my duel ratio.

  • Meh, I try to keep mine pretty decent, but I don’t get obsessed with it. If you’re letting people use your ratio to annoy you, then you’re just letting them win. Especially making a thread about it lol.

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