Fancy Graphic Stuff

  • Hey, so earlier today I made a joke level certificate for Door which ended up in me creating a bunch of stuff people could use in their signatures or in whatever they want. So I made this thread posting what I have done so far. Here it is:

    Level Awards: (05.05.13)

    Other Signature bits: (05.05.13)

    I will be making the mason equivalent ones tommorow or later this week for those interested in that.
    And a level badges for signature. If anyone wants to use these feel free to! Also if anyone has any suggestions or requests for these tidbits feel free to comment and tell me about it!

  • This is awesome stuff =o

  • Bit big for signatures I think! (For use here at least). Would need resizing to no bigger than your current one really.

    Nice graphics though! The last few would make nice avatars actually. Ask Kimmeh or someone to upload them to the gallery here if you want? :)

  • haha man, that is so cool. Very nicely done!

    Edit: You might need to scale them down though, only 120 height allowed in sigs! Just so people can link them from your post directly and not have to fiddle around.

  • Hey guys,
    Thanks for the feedback :D

    Also the images are deliberately large.
    This comes from someone who deals with graphics and knows about having to scale up images and lose the crispness! I uploaded them this large so people could use them for whatever when they edit their own signature images or whatever else they want to use it for - It does mean there is more hassle but if you really have no way of scaling it down let me know and I will send you a scaled down version of the image.

    my skype and steam are both Garmagor.

  • Nice badges user, don’t do their work for them. ;)

  • @BillDoor:

    don’t do their work for them.

    Haha, probably shouldnt :P
    And btw your cert is the original one D: Cherish it always <3

  • Yep does make more sense to scale it down rather than up. Like I said great images, cheers. :)

    As a guideline for anyone wanting to use them, no larger than user’s sig please (the entire sig, not just the graphic). Otherwise all’s good!

  • I wondered when someone was gonna do this.

  • @User:


    don’t do their work for them.

    Haha, probably shouldnt :P
    And btw your cert is the original one D: Cherish it always <3

    I don’t think anything beats your current sig though xD

    I lol every time

  • Very cool, but they are a bit too big height wise, make them a bit wider but not so tall for signatures. :)

  • Neat. There’s even small print in the cert if you size it down enough.

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