Better Stat Tracking

  • Like many ideas I post, I’m somewhat unsure if i’ve been missing something, because in my tiny mind it seems inconceivable to not already be there!

    Working on the assumption that I am NOT missing anything, and it isnt there…


    A TF2 style stat tracker that notes single life feats such as best killstreaks, numbers of assists, decapitations in one life, etc etc.

    A stat tracker that notes concurrent feats - such as total numbers of decapitations, kills with particular weapons, numbers of blocks, landed kicks, number of stabs landed. Endless.

    Unlockable character ‘titles’ to add to your highlighted name, linked with these stats. I.e:

    Triumphant Turd: ‘Morning Star Master’: (1000 kills with Morningstar.).
    Triumphant Turd: ‘Scarred War Hero’ (100 deaths whilst within 5m of objectives)
    Triumphant Turd: ‘The Butcher’ (500 limbs cut off living enemies)
    Triumphant Turd: ‘Shield Brother’ (500 assists within 5m of allies)
    Triumphant Turd: ‘Kingsman’ (10 kills within 10m of the friendly King)
    Triumphant Turd: ‘Student of War’ (50 defeats to higher ranked opponents in duels)

    The Possibilities are endless.

    I want to know EXACTLY how many MAAs i’ve broadsworded, and I want the world to know too. I want to know exactly how many heads i’ve stoved in with the flanged mace. And I want to add to this number. MOAR MOAR MOAR.

    It is my firm belief that adding more maps, more game modes (DOUBLES DUELS, Protect the King TDM, and a more refined statistics system to this game will increase its appeal and longevity to ALL.


  • Actual stat tracking would be nice. Achievements, meh.


    The Possibilities for new bugs are endless.

    FIXED :D

  • I also want to experience this raft of bugs features.

  • Not sure, I tend to find stat tracking hurts games, certainly when they are public.

    When games force everyone to see each others stats like in some of the current mainstream fps games people seem to stop having fun, play purely for stats (usually k/d) and it just becomes an epeen stats bashing fest.

    So long as it is just for your own optional personal stat tracking, only accessible to you it might not be so bad.

    I do quite like the character titles though, particularly the less “farmy” ones that require actively helping your team and playing the objective. ;)

  • I too would like to have stats, more details and stuff. If the stats were A LOT in details, I would not check them that often and therefore I would not be frustrated. :)

  • Much better stat tracking would also help balance issues.

    Rather than listening to a loud minority, there would be statistics that would back that up.

    Such as, class drafts per game, weapon choices time used percentile per game, etc.

    Unfortunately, without matchmaking we would only be able to separate different “tiers” of ranks by rank, instead of by team ratings; so you would be able to see what dominates in different tiers of play.

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