Visible Feint and/or Counter-Feint [Gameplay Idea]

  • I thought of something this morning that could improve the experience about feints.
    Feints for the moment is a one sided ability with no real counter for the opponent and makes the combat looks very similar (only 1 reaction possible to feint), and i think it’s a design problem for a fighting game like Chivalry (every competitive fighting games like Street Fighter give the possibility to counter an ability with the right timing and/or multiple possibility).
    Yeah, i know attacking while your opponent is feinting you could be considered as a “counter-attack” but this is not really intuitive.
    So why not simply add the ability to counter feint by doing an alternative parry (alt+parry?). Let me explain, in order to be effective this would need to make the feint animation more recognizable and a little bit different from the normal attack (experienced player with concentration could determine if the incoming attack is a feint or a normal attack but most of noobs would still get owned) ==> This is a very important point and could be enough to resolve the problem of feints…
    Counter-Feint (alt-parry) would work as an parry-attack that stuns the target (dealing little or 0 damage) but making you sure to deal at least 1 full hit or whatever you want later, a very strong move but very hard to place with a tight timing (only when someone is actually feinting you = for pros), but this is not the only possibility: if you are not that quick but you still saw the feint move coming you could choose to simply attack your opponent like you do now but he could parry your attack (not in all situation, that means reworking the timing of parry after using feint, if he reacts fast enough you get 1 hit, if not you can parry his attack). ==> That means the person using feint can be anxious and must think twice because if his opponent is good he can takes advantage of feint to deal a fatal blow !

    To summarize, there is two ways of fixing feint and make it an intuitive and balanced experience according to me:
    -The simple way by making feint actually visible and different from a normal attack.
    -The complex way by making feint visible and adding a counter-feint feature.

  • Sounds like you’re talking about giving the windup of an attack a more distinctive animation IF it is going to be followed by a feint- but how would the game know if a windup is going to be feinted?

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