FFA wrong winner glitch + LTS round wrong winner glitch

  • 1.) In my last 2 games of FFA it declared the wrong person as the winner despite who was at the top of the scoreboard. The winner cam showed the guy at the top of the scoreboard as the winner but had the name of someone else as the victor.


    2.) Also in the first round of an LTS game on Arena earlier (same server) it declared Masons the winner of the round before the round ended (well before the time limit) and while there were still 2 Masons alive and at least 6 Agatha alive.

  • @AngryDave:


    I could be wrong but it looks like you can scroll up in the player list.

  • Walder Frey is above you on the Scoreboard, note the scroll bar hasn’t reached the top yet.

    Game of Thrones spoiler alert:

    ! Also, after the events of last Sunday, this is rather ironic. Eddard Stark beaten again!

  • Ah yeah I see that gap at the top of the scroll bar now, must have done that for other people too as people were saying in chat “WTF but he didn’t win”. I don’t play a lot of FFA but I was sure the final camera shot was the winner of the game.

    But yeah that LTS thing definitely happened.

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