'' Mortally Wounding ''

  • I think it’s really silly seeing a last strike to yourself being a pathetic slash that hits your hip area or chest if your opponent is away from you enough and you dying instantly.
    How about when you get slashed or overheaded at without getting any of your limbs cut off and it would mean that you would be on your last bit of health that instead of just dying, you fall over on the ground still alive. (stabs won’t work with this seeing that it goes right thru your body into your insides)

    If your on the ground and you get hit once even if its by a teammate or a pebble from the sling you die.

    When you are on the ground the stance your in is your hand on your chest/stomach area and you are breathing you can still use voice commands and that stuff and press C to not do an animation but yell something
    (Imagine a Mason MAA pressing C awhile mortally wounded screaming For the Order!)
    Teammates can help you up by holding down the action button at you for 5 seconds then you get back up but you start at low health. If enemies try finishing you off it wouldn’t require any animation like in war of the roses or skyrim.
    You have a option to kill yourself awhile mortally wounded (f10) but you can also bleed out of you are there for atleast 1 min. (then the last person that hit you earns the kill)
    (also imagine a mortally wounded MAA on the ground taunting you saying ‘‘you smell like a women’’)

  • No offense. But I am amazed Tibbs created a popular game considering the Alpha Tester feedback.

  • @gregcau:

    No offense. But I am amazed Tibbs created a popular game considering the Alpha Tester feedback.

    you never +1 a suggestion

  • @Margato:

    you never +1 a suggestion

    oh I do, many suggestions. but at this point in development suggestions have to be realistic considering there is a limited time left before they will move on to other things.

  • Yeah no thanks, complicated to implement and I can’t see it adding anything positive to the gameplay.

  • Extremely complicated to implicated and pretty damn useless.

    I want to see something like red orchestra 2 has. Where bodies have a spasm on the ground. They are ragdoll, but they move about a bit having a spasm.

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