Glitches yay o/

  • Hello everyone,

    A friend and I were randomly trying to glitch out the game and we found some weird and sometimes game-breaking spots using the shield exploit. I made a video to show some of these. (Of course this is not a complete list of these. This exploit open too much possibilities to cover it into a 2 minute video). But you get the idea.
    You should probably add some more clips on your maps to avoid any of these exploit.

    Hope it’ll help you to improve the game.

    PS : The skydome on darkforest happens to be stretched at its very top. (Probably where all triangles merges together)


    Cbast & EXpMiNi

  • Pavise is going to be reworked. So MOST of these will go away. A few I will tackle this week though.

  • at 1:29 I actually thought they walked into Darkforest from Ruins, but then I was like… lol

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