Advanced Tutorial (Idea by Naleaus)

  • So basically, what do you guys think of an advanced tutorial in the game that explains how to perform and avoid/parry/block the more cordinated attacks. You could have NPC’s named after the best members in the community, and have them teach what they are sort of ‘known for’ being good with. Padawan would explain how to drag an attack effectively, Bada might explain how to read opponents and judge range better, bigs/stark could explain how to lead targets with archery. Even things like FoV, proper mouse sensitivity, one button dodging and damage types. Most new players don’t know anything about the game they’re playing, and the shallowness of the tutorial doesn’t help at all.

    Could also have an NPC explain the ups and downs to feints and how to use them well. This will help bring the competitive scene and the casual pubbing scene closer together, the players will have a better idea what they’re doing, and as a result understand what competitive players are doing, and not become so frustrated when they get killed by a strange looking attack that they have no idea how to parry.

    Putting JCash in as an enemy bot is optional.

    TL;DR Advanced tutorial please, new players need a more accesible way to learn the commonly used mechanics that are used by all decent players. Will help close the gap with public players and clan players, and stop the needless hate.

  • But… but I like the hate :|

    Seriously though, might be a good idea. The basic tutorial doesn’t really prepare you much for an actual fight.

  • An advanced interactive tutorial written by the best players in the community (the 40+ guys) would be a great, worthy addition to the game - worth the time, because it would give newer players more of a chance - and help keep them playing and striving to improve, whilst adding direction to their attempts to improve. Great Idea.

    Maybe at some point with the mod tools it’d be possible to bring some of those super good guys together and make a new little tutorial level - i think it’d be great for all if that could happen, could be a lot of fun too.

  • I can assure you that the lack of an advanced tutorial has nothing to do with why “pubs hate clannies”.

    I was thinking something like the Commune idea of having live trainers from the community. Maybe mod the server so everyone has more health and stamina.

    I love the Cash-bot idea, tho.

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