Do you check stats before a duel?

  • I’ll keep this brief as possible:

    Was playing at mates house few days ago, he’s new - got about 10 wins (all me haha) and 80 losses in duels so far - and a strange phenomena occurred.

    I ended up playing several of the best players in the server on my ‘turns’ - including a certain RK member with over 4000 wins and 1000 losses: clearly a far better player than me, and far more experienced. All 4 of the players i duelled were super good statistically, and i’ve memorably duelled them all before on on my own account - two of them are way ahead of me, and making me work incredibly hard to not even win a round, and look pretty rubbish.

    My point being - these guys are definitely, 100% better players individually than me, yet on a account that appeared to be of a very rubbish player, I beat them ALL, with a surprising amount of ease. I didnt beat them super easily of course, just surprisingly easily. They sort of came at me with a reckless abandon that got them horribly killed, and even after losing the first round they didn’t switch to ‘caution/halfdecentplayer’ mode, and made some ridiculous, reckless mistakes that were punished. Absolutely all of them, I didnt lose a single round!

    I found this super interesting - because if they’d been playing against my normal account, and had a quick look at my fairly decent 2.9 duel ratio - i think they’d have played totally differently, and most likely have won - im under no doubt about that. I can hold my own, but these guys are proven to be better than me - i’d have had a very horrible few rounds.

    Do you check stats of your opponent immediately before a duel? Do you feel like you consciously or unconsciously alter your playstyle based on how good you ‘assume’ the opponent to be, based on this? I’d estimate from this that a fair number of players might!

    I used to check stats on opponents right away! Now? Not BEFORE a duel! ;).

    (interestingly to note, the two weakest players of this four, from my own experience, were very very bitchy to lose: ‘how did i lose to this fool’, ‘lucky cunt’ etc etc - whereas the RK member and other guy were actually super nice, which was a credit to them I felt. Just interesting to get the abuse from a ‘newer’ player perspective, theres a lot of hate reserved for ‘bad’ players that dare to win a ‘lucky’ round or two.)

  • Nobody cares about public duel stats

  • Cheers for your insight buddy X

  • I usually take a quick look, and if the guy has more than a 5-1 ratio, I’ll crank up the juice a bit.

  • You can check the stats of other players?


    Nobody cares about public duel stats

    If only that were the case! Score tracking ruined duel mode; mace, hammer, norse swords and shields reign supreme. I haven’t played duel mode for a while because it makes me want to burn down my neighbours house in rage, but I used to particularly hate it when someone would use something interesting for the first round (which I’d win), so for the second they’d change to something cheap just to get the victory at the cost of the fun.

    More on topic though, I usually subconsciously raise or low my game based on opposition. I try not to, but I tend to do about the same against a rank 40 clanny as I do against a 20 casual.

  • It depends how hard they try, if they care about their ratio, etc… somehow I’ve managed to accrue 1,400 wins to something like 110 losses, but that doesn’t say much, it’s mostly from normal dueling servers.

    Of course because of that I might care a bit more not to lose, but it doesn’t bother me as much. Maybe whoever you were fighting were having an off day, or maybe you’re just better than you think. ;)

  • implying all those wins against rank sub 10’s count for anything.

  • @2maidens1chalice:

    implying all those wins against rank sub 10’s count for anything.

  • A summation of Crushed’ forum posts:

    Nobody cares
    Who cares?
    That’s not important
    I don’t care
    Why would I care?
    All of this is not important

  • He is our resident existential nihilist.

  • Yeah, he evens things out. We can’t have TOO much positivity in here now, can we? ;)

  • Its probably to do with rank more than duel statistics.

    The main difference is if you’re feinting or expecting a feint.

    I check before every duel, how i approach it changes based on what kind of response i’m expecting from the opponent. If you toy with them or not, go hard, rush in reckless, all has to do with what you expect to encounter.

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