[EQUIP] Alternative Archer Tertiaries With Javelin Weapons

  • I was mulling over some ways to make javelin Archers more interesting while simultaneously mulling over archer balance (short version of that: Less overall ranged damage, stamina drain with bows (instead of the character arbitrarily getting tired, he should actually get tired (which would be when the arrow is de-nocked)), more overall projectile deviation (longbow should be the most accurate bow, HCB still the greatest accuracy of all), and greater damage discrepancy between bodkins and broadheads (also, bodkins should have a further slight extra deviation, and broadheads should have slight extra arc)). I then came to a couple ideas hinged on the notion of making javelin archers better melee combatants:

    First off, Archer should still have access to selecting the “Buckler” tertiary to select nothing extra, but should still have the buckler with these other selections. Savvy? You sure? Good. Now, then:

    Leather Vest: A MAA-styled (copy-pasted, if desired) leather armor vest, giving them the damage resistance of the MAA. Downsides: Less agile (lowering their normally higher (I think) momentum gain to that of the MAA’s), less ammo (two less ammo for every javelin).

    This would increase their damage resistance levels from “pussy” to “flimsy” (MAA doesn’t exactly tank either), and this (combined with less javelins to throw) would encourage a more melee-oriented approach.

    And now things get a bit more interesting (and work-intensive)
    Sergeant Armor: A set of imposing gauntlets, a bitchin’ chainmail tunic, a facking awesome looking face guard addition to their normal helmet, and some nifty layered plate guards added to the front of the boots that extends up to the front of the knees. This grants them Vanguard armor levels. There are also changes to their javelins, but we’ll get to that later. Down-sides: Less agile (momentum gain lowered to Vanguard level, speed values lowered to in-between Archer and Vanguard (195 forth, 322 sprint, 161 strafe (which is slightly interesting as it gets increased), 156 back), no throwing javelins, Vanguard noise level when moving.

    This armor set turns them into a different class, essentially. Hopefully like a watered-down but actually implementable version of the “Sergeant” class idea by SavageBeatings. Their ranged/melee hybrid weapons are swapped out for a slightly longer, melee-only variant of the javelin they choose, with changes to how it acts as well; alt-slash is now the buckler bash (previously “overhead”), slash is now an ineffectual swipe with the javelin (Vanguard-style), stab is the same quick javelin jab (though the weapon is both slightly longer and gripped slightly farther back on the weapon for a bit more reach), and overhead is now a Vanguard-styled drawn-back longer-ranged and more damaging stab, while alt-overhead is actually a high-origin diagonal forward and downwards stab that mimics more the “stab” move than the “overhead” move in speed and damage values. Basically, every attack is now a unique move, and the moves still cannot be combo’d. This would all combine to make something that isn’t an Archer at all. Instead, a decently effective combatant, more than simply “capable” of destroying you at melee distance, and a bit of a unique pain for other shield users due to the diagonal stab (better watch your face there, soldier; your helmet’s only for looks, after-all.).

    I don’t care what you make their armor additions/replacements look like (I’m sure they’ll look suitably epic), I just suggest that you go for a gladiator look for the Agathian. Also, if they ever get implemented, but the face-guards for the face-guard additions with the Agathian Archer aren’t epic enough, I’ll be a sad panda. And nobody likes to see a sad panda. I’m thinkin’ these will do.

    Normal and veteran in that order.

    ! They should both be the same color base metal as the Archer’s helmet, as to blend in. And, again, just to make my intentions perfectly clear, these do not, I repeat, do not replace the Archer’s helmet. Simply everything except the actual noggin part (as in, only the face/neck parts) is added on to the normal Archer helmet. Savvy? Good.

    As for the style of armor for a Mason archer wielding the Sergeant Armor upgrade? I don’t know. You could probably give them some Viking-themed equipment, since the Mason Order seems to have a bit of a Nordic vibe to them anyway. I wonder if there’s a way you could work a raven theme into their helmet without it looking silly. Hmm…

  • I don’t like sergeant armour part.

    But leather armour is good.

    And maybe another option of more ammo. He holds two more in his shield hand. I know for a fact that ancient skirmishes did that. Many having modifications on their shield for that purpose from a few that survived the years without decaying.

    Medieval style uses of the javelin was more like the roman way. Throw and charge. Though medieval javilneers walked forward rapidly throwing their number of javelins at the enemy as they advanced. Good against any kind of enemy troop and can allow a smaller force to take on a larger force. As such a popular tactics of bandits. And it suited to Ambush tactics.

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