• It seems to take about 3.3 seconds once you start sprinting for a vanguard to get to full speed, with Man at Arms taking less time and Knights taking more. However smooth deceleration seems non existent, if you stop sprinting for even a moment, you instantly go back to walk speed and have to accelerate back up to sprint.

    Was it a design choice to for acceleration to only work one way or not? Either way I’d love to see how much of an effect it would have on footwork (if any) if it were to be added into a beta at some point. I imagine it would make sprinting more of a commitment and encourage smart management of your speed, or maybe people would just constantly run into each other, I dunno.

    But if it ever was implemented, the player-player collisions would probably have to be less sticky as you can’t exactly have two people decelerate instantly when they collide (without injury!) and player-player collisions currently decelerate you instantly.

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