Uhh..i guess im dumb?

  • I already own and have 80+ hours of Chivalry. Bought a copy through Gamestop sale and got the code. I’m not a steam expert or anything so I figured if I entered a code for a game I already own it would make it tradeable or giftable or something, or at worst it would just reject it. instead it activated and used up the code on my steam account even though I already have the game? :? So I basically just wasted my money on nothing I guess. Not sure whether to ask Gamestop, Torn Banner, or Steam for help or kiss my money goodbye?

  • You will have to contact Steam. You aren’t the first to have this happen, and this is not the first game it’s happened to.

  • @BillDoor:

    You will have to contact Steam. You aren’t the first to have this happen, and this is not the first game it’s happened to.

    Steam support? a fate worse than death :( I’ll try…

  • I guess I figured out the issue? Gamestop code has the game titled as “Chivalry Medieval Warfare” in my purchase history whereas my original purchase on the Steam client is “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare” with the colon. I wonder if the lacking colon is enough for Steam to not recognize that it is an exact match. Here it is shown in my purchase history:



  • I’m assuming the one you already own and the one you got at Gamestop may have been two different ‘types’ of keys for the same game and thus caused some confusion. But yea, definitely contact Steam support. :)

  • steam support truly is a nightmare. how can you take a week to answer a support claim then blatantly not even read what my issue was


    Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

    We apologize for the delay.

    Steam game subscriptions, CD keys, and redeemed gifts are non-transferable and cannot be reset or moved between Steam accounts.

    We will be unable to transfer this game to another account. You must be logged in to the original account it was registered to in order to play the game.

    Similarly, accounts cannot be merged.

    If you have any further questions, please let us know.

  • Really you should have just emailed the code to who you wanted to gift it to. They are never gonna give you your code back and take the extra copy off. Out of laziness. An of they do it with one person they would have to do it with everyone. Yeah, only if word gets out large scale.

    Its valve. What do you expect. They do have a dark side that’s worse than EA. Its just shrouded behind their good stuff. The only real difference between the 2 companies is that vale does a better job at covering things up.

  • I don’t see why Torn Banner shouldn’t give me a copy if Steam won’t respond. They got their cut of my money like everyone else without me actually getting the product I spent the money on.

  • Not the developer’s responsibility when a retailer fucks up

  • and yes buying a second copy for no reason is dumb lol

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