Not Ranking Up after tweaking file

  • Hi, a while ago I tweaked the EXP amount in my UDKSTATS.ini file to see what would happen and it didn’t change anything. I figured this was no big deal and went back to playing without worrying, it’s been about a month now and I’m certain I should’ve ranked up by now, (Being a rank 39 with 450 hours is not normal, judging by the amount of hours i’ve seen on rank 40-42’s) Is there any way to fix this?

  • That’s an appropriate reaction to how stupid I was being.

  • 40 takes forever, but just in case:
    -Close Steam
    -Delete the My Documents/My Games/Chivalry folder
    -Start Chivalry
    -It will repopulate your stats from the server.

  • What you do the UDKStats.ini file doesn’t have any effect on multiplayer I believe, you can use it to unlock all weapons and change your level in singleplayer though. It seems to keep a copy of your stats from multiplayer after you leave a server though, overriding whatever was there previously (assuming you haven’t made it read only) if there’s anything wrong with your rank it’s certainly unrelated to your editing.

    Earlier today my rank went to 0 on some server and my UDKStats file had 0 on all values, but it fixed itself later so don’t worry about it.

    Ask someone above your rank what the number at the top of their UDKStats file is and compare it to your own if you want to get a feeling of how far away that rank is

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