Blocked a throwing ax with a 2 hander?

  • So this morning while playing i blocked a throwing ax with a 2 hander. I thought this couldnt be done. Tired many many times. Or did it somehow clip and hit my shield on my back?

    Heres a link to the vid i took

  • It hit the shield. I know it doesn’t look like it, but you can’t trust the projectile paths right now because they are all dependent on the client’s FPS. See this topic for a better explanation: viewtopic.php?f=87&t=14189

  • This game would be much better when that what we see matches with what is actually happening :D

  • I would LOVE to be able to block arrows. :D

    But for that you’d actually need to fix them. They’re flying so high up in the sky you think they miss you but after they’ve flown past you, you get hit. Really annoying. :?

  • Would love parriable projectiles… the parry hitbox for projectiles would be very small, but if you aimed the parry extremely accurately it would be awesome to be able to deflect projectiles.

    Maybe for arrows and bolts it wouldn’t be too realistic, but for things like throwing knives and axes it’d just be very difficult, not impossible.
    Maybe make arrows/bolts go through an accurate parry, but at a 50% damage modifier due to velocity lost in the partial deflection?

    'Course we’d need to fix the projectile path bug first.

  • That reminds me of this scene from Lord of the Rings where Aragorn blocked the knife which Lurtz threw at him.

    The actor couldn’t see through the Lurtz mask. Originally, the knife was supposed to hit the tree behind Aragorn, but because of the poor seeing capabilities of the costume, he threw it AT Aragorn. Viggo Mortensen barely managed to deflect it, but it was an awesome improv scene.

    Throwing axes and knifes should be able to deflect, but it should be very difficult. And you can’t block arrows or bolts with a sword, you must have a shield for that.

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