Friday Update: What we're up to! June 7, 2013

  • Hey everyone! Welcome to our Friday Update!

    Sorry, this was put out a little later than normal due to waiting for a couple of things!

    • First off, we’re excited to give you a sneak peak on our new customization in game. Like we said previously, you can change the background pattern and colors of your outfit for both team play and FFA, as well as customize emblems. You can see nice close up views of your character and spin them around to see how it looks from all angles. You can choose which helm you’d like your character to wear from this screen as well.



    • Secondly, phase 4 of the beta build should have been online sometime tonight, however, Steam decided to be difficult at that exact moment, so most likely we’ll have to wait until Monday. Sorry! :( So to tide you over until it’s officially updated, here are a few fixes and alterations written up by SlyGoat, of what’s to come. Weapon balance changes shall wait til’ Monday!

    CU1 Patch 2 Beta 4 (Just a preview of what’s to come!)

    -Projectile stickies should work again.
    -Assists now properly awarded to both teams.
    -Alt slash tracers for fists draw properly.
    -Projectile speed should no longer be influenced by framerate.

    -Special daze length from 1.5 seconds to 2.
    -Ranged weapons no longer flinch on hit (attack is canceled instead), and can now cancel attack at any time.
    -One-handed bastard swords withut a shield now ‘officially’ supported; 1 will toggle between one-handed and two-handed, 3 will toggle shield if equipped.
    -Vanguard sprint attack can now be rebound to a key other than mouse 1 to allow you to perform normal slash attacks with a sprint attack readied.

    New experimental feint changes:
    -Attack grunt will play in the last 200 ms of windup - beyond this point attacks may not be feinted.
    -Combos can no longer be feinted.

    Stamina drain changes:
    -Stamina drain from parrying an attack is now locked between 8 and 25, from 7-35.
    -Stamina drain more consistently based on relative weapon weight rather than damage.
    -Less cases of minimum or maximum stamina drain outside of extreme circumstances like maul vs. dagger.

    Chase boost changes:
    -Chase boost now only activates against an enemies with their backs turned.
    -Chase boost activates from further away.

    Low stamina sounds updated:
    -A wheezing sound will loop when you’re under 30% stamina.
    -Out of stamina grunt plays when you try to perform an action you don’t have enough stamina for, rather than when you swing with 0 stamina.

    Class balance:

    -Vanguard weapons have more knockback, and sprint attacks have significantly more.
    -Dodge stamina cost back to 15 from 20.
    -No longer able to attack while dodging (or dodge while attacking).
    -Knight blunt resistance reduced by 1%.

    More to come next week!

  • Is it weird that I am having an Erection just wandering at it’s Beauty

  • Damn now I am excited for character customization. More of that, please.

    Longer daze should help with slower weapons getting in a hit on it; that’s good. And the vanguard charge attack being bindable is fantastic… I always hated playing Vanguard for that reason.

    Feint changes will be interesting to test. The grunt sound will perhaps be less misleading if you cannot feint at all after the cut-off, but is this just to test offensive feints themselves, or leaning towards removing feint to parry? The former would be great, testing major changes individually makes sense.

  • Combos can no longer be feinted

    I have a few concerns about this, if there are no changes to MaA dodge. I would remove feinting during combo, but add a direct combo ––> parry.

    I’m excited for everything else though! Keep the updates coming!

  • With this combo feint nerf, there is zero reason to ever use a combo unless you are sneaking up on an enemy. I guess it time to polish up my spear skills so I don’t accidental ever combo again :P

  • Looking good guys, lookin’ good… 8-)

  • Im really happy to hear/see this :D

  • customization looks awesome i’m so pumped.

    vanguard charge being bindable… fucking tits… that’s a great idea and i totally want to do it now.

    combo feints removed - are you guys suuuuure u wanna do this? What’s the MAA dodge nerf then please?

    special daze to 2 sec - ehhhh… i don’t know about this one either… can’t someone just get 2 hits off on you in this timeframe with 1hander? serious nerf to shields i think, and shields don’t need a damn nerf… do they? i already mostly look at a shield user and see a free kill as it is.

    1 handed swords supported? fuck yeah!

  • A beta that includes mostly good things!? And my open helmet, finally! I miss this from Alpha.

    Attack grunt will play in the last 200 ms of windup - beyond this point attacks may not be feinted.

    This I like.

    Combos can no longer be feinted.

    This is likely to not garner much support :P

  • @Kimiko:

    Ranged weapons no longer flinch on hit (attack is canceled instead), and can now cancel attack at any time.

    Why is this?

    Looking forward to some customizations though. Hot.

  • Very nice in all areas! Thanks for getting rid of instant parry out of combos. Now people cant just spam combos without worrying about being able to parry.

  • Great news about the customization!

  • @BandOfTheHawk:

    Thanks for getting rid of instant parry out of combos. Now people cant just spam combos without worrying about being able to parry.

    Yeh this is a fantastic change. Can’t wait to kill everyone as MaA. It was waaaaaaaaaaay too hard before.

    Ok, serious now, why do you guys keep throwing in obviously terrible feint changes while trying to test potential fixes that might actually work? It’s impossible for us to test if the 200ms grunt thing will be acceptable when there’s other major (and quite silly) changes to the way fighting will work in general.


  • [youtubehd:2w2lo6m6]UWLIgjB9gGw[/youtubehd:2w2lo6m6]


    ! perfect beta all you need now is fixed alt swings and tweaking slow weapons combos so that they cant be hit between but


  • Very nice indeed!

    Will be looking forward to this.

  • no combo feinting will result in slow gameplay. A direction I’m not happy for, at all.

  • dont worry killbands… the combo feint thing being gone will NOT fly… trust me. It will remain in the game. I’m pretty sure that majority won’t let this one slide.

  • if you remove combo feint to parry you have to remove dodge aswell

  • ^^


    It’s not only combo feint to parry, it’s combo feint in general. Can you imagine trying to take on a good maa without it. may as well just stand there and let them kill you. You cant combo feint to parry, you cant even do multi feints to draw dodges or parrys on maa.

    Either would have to remove dodge, or like… make it cost half stamina each.

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