Javelin combos?

  • Ok, i don’t play with javelin oh so often, but i have played it enough. I seem to remember the javs being able to combo, like shield butt then poke or something like that.

    Are they combo-able or do they not combo?

    I’m basically having trouble combo-ing with them, they don’t combo like most attacks. I seem to be able to combo with them sometimes, it’s slow, but still 2 attacks chained. Then other times, the poke will never happen no matter how many times i try to queue it.

    It was nice being able to do a shield butt then poke combo… which i think i remember being able to do… but the damn pookes never queue up anymore. It was my understanding that they combo’d just like the flail does… but i cant combo the thing for the life of me.

    What the deal is?

  • Is it the problem where the shield butt looks like it’s hit a wall for no reason?

    Javelins are cool but still quite broken.

  • no, i’m wondering if you can still combo the javelin.

    I do my timings correctly and have tried without an opponent, but if you CAN combo it… it’s like… the hardest thing to combo. It’s like the 2nd attack doesn’t queue properly, even with perfect timing, or spam.

  • No, you can’t combo javelins, be sure never to miss!

  • gah, i feel like i remember being able to do it before. I always used to use the shield butt, then poke, then i might finish with a throw. I SWEAR you could combo them before…. what?

  • You could never combo javelin attacks. They have fairly quick recoveries which almost makes it look like a combo when you’re rotating between shield bashes and stabs, though.

  • thanks, that’s what i wanted to know. Way back when before the javs got their FIRST buff of the faster recovery time and stuff, i thought they once were able to combo.

    I think that if they could combo as a shield could, they would instantly be better for melee combat. That way you could do like shield bash, poke… throw, sweet combo that would be. I guess just having the recovery is fine, but it would help out the javs a lot if they could combo.

  • clayton you must be drunk.

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