Throwables fix

  • Hello,
    that’s a problem that’s bugging me since the game launched. when i’m throwing an axe or a spear, the direction of the throw would be the last position i’ve looked at. the thing is, the weapon doesn’t start to “fly away” the moment you let go of the LMB. there’s a little animation/delay left. so this means i can let go of the LMB and do a sharp turn and the weapon will be thrown to the last placed i’m aiming at. which is highly unintuitive.
    i believe the solution to this is to “lock” the direction u are looking at when releasing the LMB, and make the weapon fly there when the animation ends. another solution is to make the animation faster.

    what do u say?
    (sorry for the bad english :) )

  • Or we could keep it like it is now and not make it easier to use some of the most powerful weapons in the game.

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