Vanguard smoke pot buff

  • Let´s admit the fact that in team games currently the vanguard is very weak. All it takes is about 4-5 archers and you just can´t play a good vanguard. One thing we could do to give them more survivability in team games is to buff the smoke pot.

    Now the smoke pot has been already made more viable since you can have two. But I find it is still not good to use and here are the reasons:

    very low smoke duration
    small area
    inability to throw it far
    very long throw

    If only all these four issues were buffed the smoke pot could really be used more often and would bring more benefit for the team. The number of smoke pots you can carry should stay the same, at two.
    Right now you may as well get shot in the face two times before you throw them…

  • The throw takes so bloody long. seriously wtf.

  • I long for the day that smoke pots serve a viable battlefield role for the team, asides from just lobbing for the hell of it.

    I suggest that they are removed entirely, and replaced with ‘white phosphorous’ pots, resulting in all in the blast radius being awfully, hideously burnt and disfigured. I am of course joking, and to make that a serious point…

  • The vanguards only weakness is archer so no shit when they have archers that can aim the vanguard has to be protected. One a vanguard gets beyond those archer he can rip a team apart.

    But I argree the smoke pot should be buffed a bit. At least make the throw time faster.

    I don’t think the trow distance should be changed. Try chucking a 500g pot.

    But al three other things should be buffed.

    They only really work in the king stage of stoneshill. Even then you need about too vanguards. I like how you hav two now. One to throw in front of you so you can move up and one to throwat their archers so they can’t see anything.

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