• For right now, I don’t know if there’s a possibility of changing up or adding more to the tutorial, but at least could the game force you to do the tutorial before you start playing multiplayer? There’s a lot of games where you have to do a tutorial first, but you’re not forced to do this one. I think a lot of heartache can be spared if folks simply played a tutorial first at the bare minimum.

  • Weird suggestion, no offence. If you dont do the tutorial, you should kind of expect the ‘heartache’ when you get stomped on. No player is going to get beaten to shit, then continue ignoring the tutorial.

    In other words, If I (or any other human being) hadnt played a games tutorial, then got ripped to bits in my first few games - id probably think… hmmm! Better play the tutorial! Dont think theres any need to ‘force’ it on anyone! :P.

    Especially as the tutorial is horribly basic considering the sheer amount of stuff that get added to an experienced player’s box of tricks. I do however support an idea that another guy had in an earlier thread, of adding a more advanced tutorial, with things like mousedragging and feint to parry.

  • yes, a more advanced tutorial would be nice, i think it would be easier for now on the devs to just make it mandatory. there are plenty of people that don’t play the tutorial… sure it’s basic… but so are the players skill level that just join. It’d be nice if they knew another attack exists other than slash, and why to use it and when. The basic things completely go over people’s head.

  • Ehh, I see what you mean to be fair - I can imagine that theres been the odd player that started with LMB only and sort of got by with it - then got bored thinking the game was overly simplistic.

    In the meantime, just posted over in the tactics and tutorials section asking a couple Qs about spears - I understand you’re pretty handy with a long pointy stick, your insight would be most appreciated! :)

  • @clayton-bigsby:

    i think it would be easier for now on the devs to just make it mandatory.

    um no, makes no sense.

  • it makes sense i just didnt word it correctly, it would probably be faster and easier (for now) to make the |existing tutorial|, and making it mandatory like when the game starts for the first time you play the tut. Instead of having to create a |new tutorial|

    The only reason is for the new players and for existing players. New players will know more about the game going in, and existing players may not get damaged/tk’ed as much, thers a lot of rage going on. Personally i could care less what the new players do, i give em a chance… but i think it would help tbh.

    I think you’d be surprised at how many people DON’T play the tutorial. We are a mostly male polulation of chivalry gamers lets get that point across first. Then… think… what do men do usually? They know it all right? They’re like i don’t need a tutorial i’ll just play and figure everything out.

  • Or maybe their friends showed them how to play, in which case the tutorial is redundant because it doesn’t teach that much.

  • for some reason when i do the tutorial the achievements for doing it won’t unlock.

  • If there’s some noob bitching about the America just tell him to do the tutorial.

    Unlike optional tutorials. Some people don’t need it. My cousin didn’t. First game as MAA he won an FFA. He just looked at the controls.

  • “If you can dodge a bolt, you can dodge a sword!”

    And then the player will be forced to dodge 100 crossbow bolts consecutively, then he shall be granted the right to play online

  • My tutorial is bugged. Won’t let me past the first part.

  • yeah, i had an issue the first time i played it where i couldn’t do archer training. I guess i saved it for last then i couldn’t talk to the dude. I played the tutorial at least twice trying to get the damn achievement lmao… and i never did.

  • The current tutorial is shit anyway. Forcing someone to play it would fall under some kind of torture I’m sure.

  • ^^ that’s true

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