In-game currency system

  • Just had an idea, and if it was to be implemented it would be pretty awesome. Basically, we should have an in-game currency, much like war of the roses gold. We could then, in the future, use it to buy helmets etc, but not have too much customization. The main reason I’m suggesting this is for duels and a betting system; say 2 people were on a Bet server, dueling (basically the bet mode is a server where only 1 duel can happen at a time and the spectators bet on who they think will win.) If one person bets, say, 5000 coins on one player, and another bets 10000 on the same player, and in total there is a sum of 10000 coins from 3 people betting against that, then those 3 people get their winnings distributed evenly (their initial bet and a 33% profit from the 15k). People may also choose to duel for winnings as well. Both players put up the same amount of coins, and the winner will simply be rewarded with whatever they earned :)

  • Sounds cool but I could see people throwing fights while their friends bet on them losing.

  • Then there’s gonna be all the people bitching about balance.

    The games isn’t balanced for duels.

  • It’s balanced fine, there can be parameters made for like… if someone bets against a rank 0 for a rank 39 then it will be refunded because it’s not a fair bet.

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