[Solved] Silly question but

  • Hi everyone :)

    First of all , so far the game is really fun , it’s an unusual gameplay but it’s really fast n’ nervous and really fun ;)

    I’ve a silly question but anyway… I got 4 beta key as I’ve pledged for the Brother in Arms with the Kickstarter.

    The silly question is the following, can we play at the same time or ? Because we tried my bro and I but he couldn’t see any servers. Then I was wondering if the key were linked to one account and then meant only one could play at once but found that totally silly :D

    But in the doubt I dare ask if :P

    He tried with disabling Kaspersky in case of

    Any idea? Thanks
    See Ya

  • I think it was a bug that he couldn’t find any servers, of course you can play at the same time

  • Oh I didn’t see this topic sorry, Thank you very much
    Edit, It works now Thanks again :P


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