Frigid Map "fixes"

  • Hey guys,

    I play a lot of Chivalry and realized the other week that the map I get to play only on free weekends (when people don’t know any better but to play the map) is the Frigid map. It seems that a lot of veterans of this game don’t really like the map.

    Right now the two most common complaints I hear are that the map is too big and that it’s too easy to hide. “Games take too long”. I’m wondering if removing some of the trees from the map wouldn’t alleviate the problem?

    Just my suggestion. I imagine the trees wouldn’t be so hard to delete, but I’m not a very knowledgeable 3D guy.

    I do realize this might turn the middle of the map into archer hell, but as is no one ever plays this map.

    If you have any ideas I’m sure they’d be appreciated by everyone.

  • I actually like the map as it is.

  • @Hunutteri:

    I actually like the map as it is.

    Do you play it a lot? I often find the map is voted off within the first 30 seconds of play. I mean consistently also.

    LTS and TDM both.

    I don’t mind the map as it is, but I’d like to be able to play it with a large group of people. I’m not exaggerating how often this map is voted off in my experience.

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