• I know everyone is talkin about the Maul’s overhead right now and how it’s damage should be about 130-140(140 sounds best but that prob. because I’m biased hehe) and I completely support that. It is 100% needed. I know and I can confidently say not all of you are competitive maulers in 8v8 TO(ONLY because the maul needs this buff) and you guys are are neglecting the Maul’s most useless attack: the slash. The reasons why it’s useless-

    • Slash-stab combo will only kill if both hits are head hits. You’re are forced to slash overhead or double slash which is detrimental towards teammates in team fights and it takes too long.

    • Does 100 damage(same as gmace overhead) but very slow.

    • Should ONLY be used if you see two enemies with their backs turned to you, side by side and are already weakened by at least 40%, so you slash to take them both out.

    All I’m asking for here is 10 more damage on the slash so a slash-stab combo will be able to 2 hit kills knights as long as the slash is a head hit.

  • Never mind! Martin just said they’d buff the speed of the slash in wulfy’s forum topic on “Heavy Blunts”.

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