Weapons can't go through shields

  • I think that since shields already offer passive protection against arrows, they should do the same against blows. I don’t really think that anything can cut through a solid steel tower shield, but that’s my opinion. When someone hits your shield when you’re not blocking, it should take not as much as stamina as when you ARE actually blocking, but it should at least take some away and maybe daze you for a little. Those are my two cents, let the commenting commence!

  • First off its a solid wooden tower shield with iron or steal bands round the edges and in the centre.

    And it just makes the game dissapointing for the attacker.

  • I’d love it if this were the case, but then tower shields would rule all middle earth. This is just a fine example of realism/balance not working out.

    And dont argue itd be balanced - the whole left side of your body would be passively immune to most blows :P. It’d definitely be worked into player strategies - i’d start using tower shield and simply not blocking, just tilting the left side of my body towards blows or some shit - therefore ignoring the blindness of raising a tower shield, yet retaining the fact you just cant hit around it. It’d be horrendous.

    It’d frankly make shield players even harder to hit. Its not meant to be easy: hence the point of a shield, but it doesnt need to be any harder!

  • Half the time when I stab someone in the back while they have their shield raised it still blocks it. I’d hate to see what would happen if the shield’s melee blocking hitbox was always…er…“on”… :?

  • also the shield is kind of low, low as in position. it wouldnt even block a single bad aimed slash i believe.

  • I see what you mean. I may have forgotten to mention that when someone hits your shield, it’ll daze you briefly and take some stamina away. So it should be balanced, if they do it right. But I’m still not sure on the idea.

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