Ballista bug- a possible cause

  • So, after hearing about the archery bug I decided to cap my framerate at 60 to get more precision, since my framerate was all over the place. To my surprise, it also fixed the hillside ballista bug (the one that only allows you to aim while it is reloading). Previously I was getting the bug consistently 100% of the time and now it is gone, as far as I can tell; so the bug might be fps related.

  • My FPS is 40-50 usually and never experienced the ballista bug.

  • That’s an interesting theory.

  • I had my fps locked at 60 until about a month ago. I have had this bug since the game launched unfortunately. It may still have something to do with it. I will try to test it out some.

  • I have been experiencing this bug 100% of the time for a few months now. Perhaps coincided with uncapping my FPS? I set it back to default and I could use the balistas on Citadel without any problem at all, which was quite refreshing. I’ll see if the same applies to Hillside, etc. later.

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