Control Scheme? (Need Definitive Answer)

  • Hello, I just heard about Chivalry, and I was wondering what the control scheme,specifically attacking, is like? I tried searching but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer.

    Is it somewhat like M&B where your swing is determined by your mouse direction?

    Please answer clearly with possible examples of games with a similar scheme.


    • Josh

  • You have 3 types of swings you can execute and a single block that can block all of them, but has to be aimed at the attack.

    For most weapons the attacks are a horizontal slash, a vertical overhead attack, and a thrust, but some weapons like spears have somewhat different attack types.

    Your attack can be controlled and redirected as you’re swinging by moving the mouse, so you can redirect an attack to, for example, hit two enemies, or compensate for an evasive enemy’s movements.

    Blocks are timing and aiming based; you only have a short window to block on activating the block key unless you’re using a shield, and you have to aim your block at the enemy’s weapon. If you aim high you leave your legs exposed, if you aim low risk taking a fatal headshot, not to mention if you aim your block at the wrong angle the enemy can strike you in the side you left undefended. All of this especially comes into play against an enemy who knows how to feint and redirect their swings accurately.

    I don’t think I know of any game with a similar control scheme that I could compare it to. You could, however, go download the free Source mod Age of Chivalry that was the predecessor to this game, to get a general idea - the combat in Age of Chivalry is a lot more unrefined and buggy than Chivalry, but it’s the same basic control scheme, though it lacks a lot of features like dodging, feinting and kicking/shield bashing.

  • Awesome thank you very much for the quick and clear response. If I can scrounge up some cash I will definitely be buying. The game looks fantastic!

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