Rank randomly, permanently increasing

  • I couldn’t see this one in the list of known bugs, and I don’t think it’s a pure server-side issue since numerous others have had this problem over in another thread, so I think it deserves an actual bug report thread.

    Seemingly randomly, a player’s rank will increase to a much higher rank (on the servers I’ve been playing, it’s to rank 45) and I find it quite frustrating to not know the rank of your opponent, and also not have anything to show for your experience. The increase finally happened to me today, as I got a regular kill on the server. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to revert the change, and over 50% of players in the servers I play are now level 45 (Australian games.on.net servers, for reference).

    I hope this can be looked at before the next patch comes out.

  • I can confirm this, same server, last night I went from rank 37 to 45.

    I also want to know if this is preventing me from going up ranks normally?

  • Just wondering what is the rank 45 server? :D :D :D :D

  • A few weeks ago my rank went from 35 to 38 and stayed, I’m now 39 so it just continued on its normal path

    People i play with were mid 30’s a few days ago and changed to 45 and it hasn’t changed back yet

  • Still hasn’t changed back to normal, still on 45.

  • A few days ago I finally hit rank 40, only to be glitched up to rank 45 only a few hours later.

    I’m less than thrilled.

  • I was promoted from 38 to 40 on an Official Server, everyone else was 40 too.
    One of my friends was promoted from 32 to 40 on the same night on an Official Server :S

  • I just got to rank 41 the other day, but I joined my friend on a games.on.net TDM server last night to have fun with some pub players :P

    Noticed 2/3 players were rank 45, then as killed one person I shot up to 45 myself.

    When I left to a different server, it went back down to 41, but now its back up and stayed at 45.

    The server responsible was games.on.net #18 VIC TDM. I am not impressed.

  • I was rank 36 when I got permanently boosted to 45 last week. Really frustrating, I spent so much time getting my rank there and then all of a sudden I got hit by the bug and now my rank no longer has any meaning. I see an insane amount of rank 45s these days, the majority because of this bug, and a lot of them were new players (or claim to be, it’s believable because their play often reflects it) who are now held to a higher standard and often insulted in chat for being worse than their rank suggests they should be.

    Has everyone hit by this bug been hit while on a games.on.net server, or are there people outside of Australia getting it too? Mine was on a games.on.net NSW TO, IIRC.

  • Huh. Usually people are complaining about getting bumped to rank 36.

  • @dudeface:

    Huh. Usually people are complaining about getting bumped to rank 36.

    The glitch is changing, adapting… evolving.

    It’s going to spread out of control, growing stronger and more malignant as it progresses, like a pandemic virus. First 36, now 45; where does it end?

    Eventually everyone’s going to have triple, quadruple, quintuple…. 78-digit ranks that will spill over the scoreboard and cover everything!

    The apocalypse is coming! Run for your lives!

  • This problem, as i can see it, is very common, and it continues to grow as number of people with random ranks increases and there is no way to turn it back to normal. Today in several games on European servers I’ve witnessed like 1/3 of people with rank 45 (including myself), and it wasn’t their real rank.

    This bug is very annoying, there is a difference between being real 45 or being, say, rank 3 while presented as 45.

    If lost real ranks can not be turned back, people at least should have an option to always reset their rank to Zero, I think.

  • @Greengreen:

    If lost real ranks can not be turned back, people at least should have an option to always reset their rank to Zero, I think.

    Agreed. Even if someone at TB has to do it on a case-by-case basis, it’s pretty easy to prove that you’re not legitimately a rank 45 by showing your hours played. Legitimate rank 45 is typically 400 hours at the very least.

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