All official servers lag

  • Or is it just me?

    Maybe TB should reconsider their contract with multiplay…

  • Most servers get incredibly laggy with more than 10 people in them not just official ones.

    They seem in general superior to the non official servers. Its not great.

  • Kimiko has contacted them, but that’s all I know so far.

  • it’s not just you, and it’s not just the official servers either. It’s like… all of them. Something is very wrong.

  • Yeah. General choppiness and stuttering/lagspikes seem to be a feature.

  • its because multiplay is garbage and run by slobs

  • I have noticed huge lag spikes at times. Doesn’t ALWAYS come with high pings for everyone too, sometimes it’s just the occasional teleport spike, gets very confusing lol.

  • Official servers are disgrace. TBS got cheapshit deal and now sticking with Multiplay.

    Rather have 5 quality servers, than 100 which represent your game like crap.

  • ^ Yeah I think I saw you on once, then it lagged up pretty much straight after I joined so you buggered off heh. It usually does pass but blergh, can pretty much empty a server when it starts up.

  • The official servers in Aus. are servers, which also tend to be horrendously laggy.
    Whether they have 5 or 15 people on, there’s a lot of stuttering.

    Another issue is, I haven’t been able to see any Australian Multiplay servers for the last week or two through the in-game server list.
    I rent a classic duel server with Multiplay and it used to be full most days. After it disappeared from the serverlist for me, it’s been empty. So I presume it isn’t just my ISPs routing that could be causing the issue.
    I am able to join it through the “open server IP” command and play fine.

  • @NaTe:

    The official servers in Aus. are servers, which also tend to be horrendously laggy servers are privately owned with no association with Torn Banner, so nope not official servers

    GON hardware/bandwidth is overkill for this game and we run the same UDKGame.ini bandwidth setting as TB: TotalNetBandwidth=32000 MaxDynamicBandwidth=7000 MinDynamicBandwidth=4000

    And as you say it’s still laggy… I think the problem is with the game itself

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