[ALPHA RELEASE v1.2.0] Mana Warfare

  • @Knil:

    Hey everyone since I don’t have time anymore to work on this mod for one of my favorite games. I’d figured I’d share the source code with the community. (Note: this was my first ever coding project, so don’t expect anything amazing ;P)

    I’m not sure how up to date this is or if it will even compile with the recent SDK changes, but maybe someone will find it useful for their project. I’d love to see some more code mods for Chivalry!


    I got into game development about a year ago to actually mod Chivalry and it’s how I discovered my love for it. If you are interested in game development I can’t give enough praise for getting into modding. I’m currently working with Kimiko on a game called Tabletop Simulator, you can check it out on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/286160/

    Join the Mana Warfare steam group:** http://steamcommunity.com/groups/manawarfare

    Stay up to date with development and patching. Also I will coordinating play tests with this since it is hard to maintain a play base on the beta build.

    Mana Warfare is now released on Live!

    Search for Mana Warfare in your server browser to join us!

    Steam Workshop Link:

    Chivalry: Mana Warfare Alpha is now available to the public! If you are a fan of spells and wizardry, then this mod to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is for you! Zap your enemy with Thunderbolt, poison a group with Dark Fog, launch your adversary with Tidal Wave, burn your foe with a Fireball and stun your rivals with the Earthquake. No matter which element you choose, you will find entertainment, laughter, and a whole lot of fun.


    The wizard class will be a 5th class for chivalry integrated within the existing game. Balance will be carefully considered for Wizard so it is in line with the other classes. The Wizard will have 5 magic schools: void, earth, fire, water, and electric. Each element has 2 spells a regular and an alt attack.


    The school of the void is the oblivion of dark matter, the most abundant matter in the universe.

    Void Ball: This attack is a bouncing black hole projectile that accelerates after each bounce. Clever use of the bounce to accelerate this attack around corners can surprise even the most vigilant.

    Dark Fog: A poisonous void cloud that sucks the life out of your enemies.


    The school of earth is the hardness of rock, the very foundation we stand on and sustains us.

    Earth Spike: This attack is a jagged rock stalactite ripping up from the ground, throwing all up caught in the radius. This rock protrusion can be used to shield yourself from ranged attacks or block the retreats of an enemy.

    Earthquake: The earthquake is an out of stamina knockback throwing everyone in its path out of the way.


    The school of fire is the passion burning in your soul, the spark that created us all.

    Fireball: This attack is a flaming orb of rising explosive power. The heat of this projectile causes it to rise instead of fall allowing the clever use of height to give you those long shots.

    Inferno: This fireball offers a timed delay explosion hurting all those within the radius.


    The school of water is the cleansing force, the necessary lift sustaining substance.

    Healing Mist: This attack is not so much an attack but a touch based spell that heals friendlies. The healing spell being touched means you must be right in the middle of the action, risking life and limb to keep your friendlies’ lives and limbs attached.

    Tidal Wave: The tidal wave spell is a non-damaging spell that knocks people out of the way, although it can cause fall damage depending on how high of a knock back it is.


    The school of electric is the unpredictableness of nature, the electrifying power of a storm.

    Shock: This attack is a lightning strike with its dangerously fast devastation. The strike of lightning might be instant but the time it takes for the strike to initiate means you must lead your targets properly to hit them on the move.

    Thunderbolt: A large and powerful burst of lightning that does almost full damage to its enemies in direct hit.

    Team members needed:
    3d artist
    Pm or leave a message if you are interested in helping out.

    Have any comments or suggestions to make the mod better feel free to drop a reply!



    ! Team Lead & Code - Knil
    ! Lead Artist: Sound & Particle Effects - User
    ! Art/Banner & Dedicated tester & Mod Description- Kimiko
    ! Intro/Old Banner & Trailer- Foly
    ! Stuff Being Worked on:
    ! Agatha Staff - Gauntlet
    ! Animations - Nova
    ! Mason Staff - HoBoy

    old videos:

    ! [youtubehd:2a6m38zw]17PJxCocb6I[/youtubehd:2a6m38zw]
    ! [youtubehd:2a6m38zw]A4sUUUcF3rY[/youtubehd:2a6m38zw]
    ! [youtubehd:2a6m38zw]lxihmXTXCZw[/youtubehd:2a6m38zw]

  • The earth spell could probably be a bit bigger, and the lightning could be a bit more interesting than simply looking at the ground and it strikes there. But it is soooo cooool.

  • This is a wonderful looking mod. Keep up the high quality work. :D

  • I am going to enjoy the crap out of this!

    Chivalry is going to kick major ass once SDK goes out and more people do things like this.

  • Fine work. Fine work indeed.

  • Thanks guys!


    The earth spell could probably be a bit bigger, and the lightning could be a bit more interesting than simply looking at the ground and it strikes there. But it is soooo cooool.

    Ya I’m still experimenting myself I’m open to suggestions like these, thanks.

    I didn’t want to make the earth spell too strong initially but I will mostly likely need to make it bigger.

    For the electric spell I have an interesting idea to make it more fun, but I’ll keep that secret for now :P

  • I like it knil! Looks cool! You should make it so you can only use this at lvl 40 or something? idk. Also with the earth spell I think you should make it so they don’t stay up all the time. Like they are up for maybe 20-40 seconds and then go down, unless they are destroyed of course.

  • Is this real life?

  • @Daiyuki:

    Is this real life?

    Duh… Where have you been??

  • This looks the bees’ knees! I would love this, but there is no way that you could have the normal classes. You’d have to make other fantasy classes with cool abilities, otherwise the wizard will just kill everything easily. Now other fantasy classes… 8-)

  • holy shit

  • This looks really sweet

  • @kieran88:

    This looks really sweet

    Mind if I steal one of your character artists :P

  • Very, very, very nice. A lot of thought has been put into the wizard class. Will you be limited to choosing only one power and a melee weapon?

  • Looks awesome- can’t wait to see more!

  • I think it’d be cool if you got all the melee weapons that archer has, if it’s possible to create a left hand (free hand which is used for the spells) I think that’d be a good idea.

    If only I had the skills to help out :[

  • There’s a couple ways I have thought of doing the casting system but I think I like the javelin system of combining the range with the melee. The difference being that parry/block will work as Energy shield. Note this shield cannot be held up, it will function a parry but also block projectiles. I want to make the void ball also bounce of the energy shield because that sounds like fun.

    This is with a wizard staff(a different staff will correlate to each element):

    So basically left click then holding it charges the spell. You can overcharge the spell by holding longer then the minimum charge to for greater effect (ie. faster projectile, more damage, larger effect, etc.).

    Mouse wheel forward and back will do the quarterstaff stab and overhead animations.

    Right click does the parry energy shield that blocks projectiles.

  • Super kewl!

  • I enjoy Chivalry for being such a realistic medieval game without the fantasy stuf…… but this… yet this… enthralls me!

    It looks like it might be awesome! The wizard of the Mason Order could look something like the warlock from the Myth series, because he looks evil. Myth is like one of the better fantasy games out there, even while it has a lot of magic and monsters it doesn’t feel as unrealistic as other fantasy games… not even the molotov cocktail throwing dwarves in berets can change that!


  • Looks pretty cool, can’t wait for more info.

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