Last Minute of Game Should Be Slow-Mo

  • I was playing in the MONK duel server the other day, and one of the admins put the speed down to 80% for the last 60 seconds of the match. I’d never played chiv in slow motion, but I had noticed the server browser filter for gamespeed. Needless to say, it was pretty fun playing like that, and I think it would be cool to make the last 30 or 60 seconds of a match slow-mo, so maybe add a server option so it’s automatic? Also, unrelated but important, don’t fix the bug where people can still fight after a round is over. It’s better than everyone freezing.

  • Playing in slomo can be pretty darn boring in a TO match. The clock doesn’t slow down but you do and you just spend 1 minute running in slomotion across a field.

    FFA maybe.

    And yes dot fix that bug where pepple can still move. In fact improve it so everyone can now at all times instead of some freezing and others not.

    How do all these weird bugs come about anyway?

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