Alternate overhead - 1 handers ??

  • Is incredibly fast and is a lot faster then the regular overhead :) . Now, I know fixing this would angry a lot of MAAs, myself included, but I would not bother about this if some rank 40+ MAA actually used it against me in TO. I could never parry that, with my mouse lag at 15-20 fps it´s just impossible.

    I´ve searched and have not found a topic about the alternate overhead here. Is it considered a bug? Or a feature? :)

  • It’s been nerfed in the beta with a .1 second windup increase.

    No idea why they didn’t just fix the release animations, but w/e.

  • I didn’t notice the overheads being faster. Though no one really uses alternate overhead attacks.

    Its the alternate LMB attacks which are much faster.

    By the looks of theings the reason they are faster is becuase they take the same amount of time as the normal attack in that direction.

    But with LMB attacks he has to swap sides and that takes a good amount of time. Then the rest of the animation fits into what ever time is left making the swing faster.

    And they are just harder to block as blocks are built for attacks from the other direction. Really the windup or swing of the weapon shoul be slower than the normal LMB.

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