(Already Fixed, Disregard) Bug/Exploit with Crossbows

  • Saw someone doing this in a game last night, decided to try to replicate it.

    Works with all 3 Crossbows.

    After firing, “sheathe” your crossbow(bring it down from the shooting position), run in whatever direction you choose(I only tested going forward) and press reload. You will keep moving at a slower pace, and you will reload.

    Movement feels faster when using the crossbow/heavy crossbow, but that may be because I used the light crossbow first in order to practice it.

    This is on LIVE servers, not BETA. I tried it out in versus bots.

    I was also able to stand still - start reloading and then start moving. I think the video shows it once with the heavy crossbow.

    EDIT: Apparently this has already been fixed in the upcoming patches, so you can disregard this post.
    Video -_D6RdCjxViE

  • Fixed in beta, I believe.

  • @NabsterHax:

    Fixed in beta, I believe.

    You are correct, somehow I missed this while checking the Patch notes

    -Sprint no longer causes you to slide forward during a dodge or crossbow reload.

    from this thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13892

    Since it’s already fixed in beta I guess this thread can be discarded, feel free to lock it Mods.

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