Hello there Dear community and Developers!

  • Hello,

    First of all, let me start by thanking the creators of this game for making it. For years (i’m 26, been gaming since…i can remember lol) i’ve been watching epic medieval/fighting movies and thinking to myself “one day…one day there will be a game that will give me this exact same feeling, of being on a battlefield fighting for my life and my mate’s!”

    And here it its. From the very first videos my jaw was on the floor…The graphic quality, the attention to detail, even something as simple as battlecries. So much attention was payed to ensure the player would feel immersed.

    It is our DUTY to support companies that step away from the old beaten formula. As players, as persons that look at gaming not as a mere hobby but as a passion.

    My hat is off to you Torn Banner and all your staff. Bravo.

    Just bought the 50$ game. After giving it a good thinking, you deserve my money more than any other company out there right now.

    Lvso, Portugal.

    With the kindest regards,

    A satisfied and proud client/costumer.

  • Developer

    Hey Ivso,

    Thank you for your kind words and glad you are excited about the game. Really appreciate you reaching out to us as this type of thing gives us the motivation to continue what we do and make the game even better. I hope to see you on the battlefield to pay proper respects!

  • Thank you. You will see me there for sure, my in-game name is Sir Lvso the Insane.

    Loving the game. Skill plays a HUGE factor. The game is easy to play yet Dfficult to master, which is great.

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