Chivalry: Mana Warfare

  • I know a lot you guys don’t visit the mod subforum so I thought I’d share my wizard mod with you all.


    If you want to know more or contribute to the project:

  • i just think the fire needs to be changed a little bit, it seems the same as the first power, also it looks underpowered, i know there will be cosmetics changes, im just giving a opinion.

  • Looks cool. Will they have weapons to choose from, like maybe different staffs that enhance certain spells? And will there be any form of melee to them?

  • @Knil:

    There’s a couple ways I have thought of doing the casting system but I think I like the javelin system of combining the range with the melee. The difference being that parry/block will work as Energy shield. Note this shield cannot be held up, it will function a parry but also block projectiles. I want to make the void ball also bounce of the energy shield because that sounds like fun.

    This is with a wizard staff(a different staff will correlate to each element):

    So basically left click then holding it charges the spell. You can overcharge the spell by holding longer then the minimum charge to for greater effect (ie. faster projectile, more damage, larger effect, etc.).

    Mouse wheel forward and back will do the quarterstaff stab and overhead animations.

    Right click does the parry energy shield that blocks projectiles.

    From the main thread

  • Looks like a lot of fun

  • awesome

  • @JCash:


    Jcash just gave a compliment.
    is this the end of the world? O.o

  • It’s awesome because it has no feints.

  • What about the fire skill being a short range flamethrower? I’m guessing stamina is like mana, or there’s a second bar that acts like it, so it will only be able to have a constant flow of fire as the mana drains gradually.

    I’m also thinking the fire itself doesn’t come out like a biiig cloud of fire, but rather a directional stream from your hand and then gets bigger at the end. Since heat goes up, the stream would have further reach if you aim it upwards. So it would be good against them archers on their petty perches. Of course not killing them, just making them back off.

    To balance it out, because it sucks being on fire from fire pots, as soon as the wizard stops spewing fire on you, you stop taking fire damage. Or maybe it doesn’t stop instantly, but like two seconds later. A fire wizard would be so annoying to get up close to and kill if he could just keep everyone around him on fire, run away to replenish mana, then do it over again. The explanation could be that it is magic fire. It’s not real fire. But it feels like real fire, so therefore it causes excruciating pain and suffocates you like real fire does. Maybe it could have a sliiightly different colour than real fire from the fire pots.


    Maybe take some inspiration from the Warlocks in the Myth games:
    Slow-moving fireballs but with a nice blast radius.

  • I initially planned on making the fire school a flamethrower type spell, but the more I thought about it the more it always gave you some form of free easy damage. Just like in the base game chivalry nothing is really a free hit even if it is small damage, and I wanted to carry that ideology over to the mod. Meaning all spells require some skills from the user to properly hit their opponent. Also it wouldn’t work really with my charge up spell system.

  • @Martin:

    It’s awesome because it has no feints.


    so thinking all wizards or balancing them with knights. I’m thinking D&D 2nd edition wizard lols to win.

  • the projectile speed in this won’t have any relationship to like

    Fps right?

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