Idea for spear and shield.

  • I support a new weapon. The existing spear would be renamed the “Pike”. A new weapon, shorter, less damaging, able to be wielded with a buckler (and maybe a heater too, to be discussed) would be named the “Spear”. It would be used to unlock the polehammer, or maybe the polehammer would be used to unlock it, or maybe they would just both be “free”. Like it is for the knight, the buckler would only be available when the Spear was selected as the primary weapon.

    Reason for renaming is that the “Short Spear” name is used for the light Javelin.

  • Uhh pikes are a hell of a lot longer than the current spears and likes are still hald in one hand. Arm really. And many pikemen used a sheild anyway.

    1. There’s already like two “popular” topics about spear and shield, not trying to be a backseat moderator, but use them instead.

    2. The spear in Chivalry is, like lemonater said, too short to be counted as a pike.

    3. I agree that there should be a shorter spear that can be used in one hand with a shield in the other, or the two-handed spear in game could be allowed to be used with a shield and when doing so, it shrinks a bit in size.

    4. lemonater, people never used long spears or pikes in one hand. If they had a shield, it was strapped to the arm so that both hands would be free, and the shield was closer at hand if enemies broke formation and you needed to draw your short sword. These pikemen with big shields were from ancient times though, since in medieval times the pikes themselves were supposed to act as a shield for the entire unit. In medieval times, pikes were shorter, two-handed and used in agressive tactics. Later by the renaissance, they were longer and used more defensively, and by that time armies also used firearms.

  • In blue I’m talking about the current spear, and in red I am talking about a spear weapon that can be wielded with a shield that does not exist yet, or has not been given the ability yet.

    1. I didn’t want my idea to be buried in another topic’s reply section, (Once warsaw and moose start arguing, nothing else is acknowledged) so I made this topic.

    2. You’re right. Although this name is ugly as hell, we could just call it a “Long Spear” instead of inaccurate “Pike”.

    3. I don’t think that a weapon should shrink in size, and I love the current spear how it is. New weapon is, in my opinion, the best way to make spear and shield happen.

    You know a lot about this, so what are your thoughts on heater shield and spear? Should it be able to be wielded with the spear?

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