Looking for honourable gentlemen for casual 3vs3 skirmishes

  • Greetings, lords and ladies!

    We are three fine gentlemen who just happen to have founded their own clan called “Retreat!” and we’re looking for other clans or just a bunch of people who would like to practice with us in (preferably) 3vs3 matches. We have a server for up to 8 people and can provide a teamspeak-server. We are no “pro” players (all ranked mid-30) but rather dedicated fans who would like to see (sooner or later) how well they can fare in the ESL just for fun. So our focus would be on practicing and developing tactics, experimenting with different classes and weapon combinations etc.
    We won’t be practicing on a regular basis like every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18 o’clock or something like that. Instead if anyone would like to take the chance, just reply to this thread or send me a message. We can surely find a day where everyone has enough time for some intense matches! Everything is supposed to be kept casual so we’re not expecting anyone to oblige themselves to play with us on a regular base (although we would welcome it if we could find some people here who would like to play more than just once with us!)
    So, if anyone’s interested, leave me a message! :)

    Deutschsprachige Spieler sind besonders gerne gesehen!

  • Always nice to see new potential competitors on the scene.
    I’m quite sure the clan I’m in, Interstellar, would love to play with you guys!
    Just add me on Steam (Username is Menig199) and we’ll figure something out.

  • Please feel free to hit me up on steam- name: quigleyer

    I wouldn’t mind messing with some guys in a serious environment (edit: need to read my writing out loud sometimes lol). I’m level 41 with 390ish hours and a current dueling record of 675-170 (approx, but close).

    I’d love guys to play with. I don’t necessarily want to be “in a clan” though.

    Normally don’t mind talking shop either if you guys want to exchange ideas. But sometimes I do need to take out some rage in pub servers lol.

  • Add me on steam loriziell and tell me whenever you’re ready and I might be able to get a couple of pals to play against you. So I’m probably up for it anytime.

  • I’ve done 2v2’s before but never 3v3. I’m willing to give it a shot if you are. Feel free to add me on steam if you’re interested.

  • @bada:

    I’ve done 2v2’s before but never 3v3. I’m willing to give it a shot if you are. Feel free to add me on steam if you’re interested.

    I think he may be European.

  • sad panda

  • @bada:

    sad panda

    I’l take that one Bada ;)

    Add me up: yacke5. I’m ready to rumble anytime after the 27th.

  • Oh, people are still replying to this thread. :D
    I’m going to add all of you within the next few days. I’m kinda busy right now and me and my buddies aren’t playing regularly, but whenever we have time I’ll give you a call! :D

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